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 Born to be WILD

New Years Eve Lockin

Tickets on sale NOW


Due to the increase in minimum wage and price increases by our suppliers,

in order to keep our staffing and regular session,

the following Admission price increase will take effect February 1, 2015

10am-12pm - Tiny Tot Skate:  $5.00

1-4pm - Matinee Skate:  $6.00

8:30-11pm - Thursday Adult Skate:  $6.00

7:30 - 11pm - Friday Teen Skate:  $7.00

7:30 - 11pm - Saturday Family Night Skate $7.00


Skate Rental prices will remain the same:

$1.00 Regular Quad Skates

$3.00 Inline or Speed Skates


Thank you for your understanding and continuing support of Skate Zone!



Skate Zone is giving away $50.00 Skate Zone Gift Cards.

  Be sure to sign up while you are at Skate Zone

 for your chance to be a WINNER!





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